Monday, 16 April 2012

Tie dye DIY

My first DIY project is a fact! And it's definitely not my last, I have some more ideas that I'll try out soon. About this one, I know, you see this DIY everywhere these days but I fell in love with the trousers from Isabel Marant and since I'm just a poor student that has a wishlist that's way too long I bought a supercheap jeans from Forever 21 and tried it out last week. I think it turned out pretty good! Can't wait to wear it with a white oversized shirt and heels verrry soon since I have some fun things coming op this week! :) Goodnight everyone!


  1. Wow! I can't believe you made these! They look awesome!!! Can't wait to see u rockin them!

    Xx Kelly

  2. Coool! Moet ik ook eens proberen :-)

  3. Love thaaaat!!!
    I have to try this.. :)


  4. What a coincidence! Ik heb net exact hetzelfde gedaan met exact dezelfde jeans, hahaa :D

  5. You made it ? Wow ! It's really great !

  6. ★ (・∀・)

    love pictures on your blog :)
    very nice layout. clean and charming.

    love your blog. (o゚ω゚o)

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  7. moh die broek was een diy?? wauw supermooi gedaan! :) xoxo


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