Monday, 30 April 2012

Danielle Foster bag

It finally arrived! After a lot of drama, stressing out, some tears and several mails and calls this pretty bag from Danielle Foster is fi-na-lly safe and sound in my room. But it was all worth it! It's the perfect bag and I can wear it with literally everything hanging in my closet. Prepare for an overload of this baby on the blog! I'm so happy right now haha. Oh, and a special thanks goes out to Danielle Foster herself for helping me out when I was all desperate and Boticca for their amazing service. Without them this bag was all lost somewhere in a filthy post office in London, definitely not where a bag like this belongs! So thank you :-)


  1. Wow, such an amazing looking bag! Jealousy right here! :-)

  2. Amazing bag! :)

  3. lovely bag :)


  4. Like the bag, so cute with the flowers! Thnx for your comment! How about following each other on bloglovin and gfc? Let me know when you do, I always follow back!


  5. this is a beautiful photograph. i think the composition is lovely. and i WANT the bag hehe xx

  6. Woop woop, glad you got it after all! It's gorgeous indeed :)


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