Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Simple outfit

Yesterday I was wearing a very casual outfit with my green parka everyone hates, but I love it! It's the perfect jacket for these cold summerdays. You know, the kind of days it's too cold to go outside just with a jumper, but you refuse to wear a real coat? I was wearing it with some stripes, a black skinny and my white Vans sneakers. I also used my zara bag again I bought in the sales and my asos ring, the two pieces in my wardrobe I'm a little addicted to lately :D

striped shirt I zara
bag I zara
jacket I urban outfitters
pants I urban outfitters
peace bracelet I urban outfitters
sneakers I vans
watch I komono
black bracelet I gift from spain
white bracelet I h&m
ring I asos
earrings I asos

Monday, 29 August 2011

DIY, ripped jeans

Last week, when I was cleaning my wardrobe I rediscovered this old H&M jeans. I didn't wear it for months because it's not skinny enough in my opinion (when you only wear superskinny jeans like me, even a jeans like this feels baggy!). But I had the idea to rip it, nothing fancy, just some rough tears. So I took my scissors, started cutting and was very pleased with the result!
Outfits with my new favorite pair of jeans will definitely follow!

Friday, 26 August 2011

Bedroom inspiration

Remember this post where I was talking about my room being a mess? Good news! It's almost done! I just have to add some tiny little details to make it more cosy. So before I'm posting pictures of my new place here's some bedroom inspiration.

Pictures from

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

New items from Middelburg

Here it is! The stuff I bought on my trip to Middelburg. For a long time I wasn't a big fan of H&M anymore, too much stuff that's always the same, not the right cut, not the right colour,... Anyway, when I went to the H&M store in Middelburg I couldn't believe my eyes! So much clothes I wanted to buy! Unfortunately I'm not rich enough to buy everything in a store and this is what I got from my mom. A pink scarf (I'm obsessed by pink lately), a basic grey sweater, some bracelets (also a new obsession) and beige pants that make already a great combination together.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Friday I had a day off from work so I went on a little trip to Middelburg with my parents. It was such a sunny and lovely day after almost a whole month of non-stop raining and I finally spend some time together with my parents. We ate a delicious meal (a huge sandwich with tuna and some vegetables and on the plate there were also potato chips, crazy dutch people!) and in the afternoon I did some shopping with my mom. To days like these I say: give me more of that!

Wanna see what's in here? I'll show you in the next post! :D

Urban Outfitters pants// Friis and Company shoes// Zara top// Zara bag// Asos ring// Urban Outfitters watch// Urban outfitters peace bracelet// Black leather bracelet from Spain

Friday, 19 August 2011

Dark day in Belgium

Today no post about fashion 'cause that feels kinda wrong so a little post about what happened at the pukkelpop festival yesterday. A huge storm killed 5 people and several others are injured. It's scary to know I could have been there too but because I had to work I didn't go there. The 'positive' side of the story is a few hours after the storm twitter became a platform to offer help and find missing people. We don't have a government, we can't play soccer but we do know what solidarity is! I'm proud to be a Belgian! And now you can call me corny or whatever for this post but it feels better that way. Anyway, my thoughts go out to everyone who has been there and the family and friends of the victims :)

Thursday, 18 August 2011

Move over Alexa, here's the Carter

After the succes of the Alexa bag, Mulberry created a new it bag: the Carter. The bag has been spotted on the arms of Kate Bosworth, Kirsten Dunst and Emma Watson. I always liked the Alexa bag but with this bag I fell even more in love! Unfortunately a bit out of my reach, the largest model will cost you a 1240 euro's. I guess I'll just keep dreaming... Wich bag do you prefer? 

The Carter bag

The Alexa bag

All pictures from

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Gifts from Spain

My parents and sister went to Ayamonte, Spain while I was working. I was so jealous but they surprised me with some lovely gifts. Thank you so much mom and dad and little sister!

Miss Dior perfume I got from my parents and Yves Saint Laurent mascara and a black bracelet from my little sister.

Saturday, 13 August 2011

Preppy cocktail outfit

This is what I wore to the Elle cocktail thursday. The theme was preppy so I chose a high waisted dark blue skirt with golden buttons, stripes and a white see-through blouse, high heels and a bow in my hair to complete the outfit.

High waisted Zara skirt// striped H&M top// White Zara see-through blouse// grey Zara cardigan// Bershka heels// Zara bag// Asos ring// H&M bow

Friday, 12 August 2011

Elle preppy cocktail

Yesterday I was invited by Elle Belgium to go to their preppy cocktail party at the Tommy Hilfiger pop-up store in Knokke. They pampered us with some fresh orange juice and delicious fingerfood. Although I'm not a huge fan of Tommy Hilfiger I liked the clothes I saw at the beach house (with pink front door!). The store represents Oxford dresses, the classic polo shirts, frivolous scarves, soft colours, you can even buy a preppy leash for your dog and the 'official preppy handbook'. But hurry up, it's only open 'till the 15th of August! Go get it!

Tommy Hilfiger preppy pop-up store, Albertplein Knokke

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Antwerp again

Monday I went to Antwerp again, now with my little sister. And I have some cool new stuff again to add  to my wardrobe! Lately I'm obsessed by the colour bordeaux so I was very happy when I found a bordeaux pants and skirt at Urban Outfitters. Also found amazing flats (on sale!) with studs to give a basic outfit an instant boost. The last items I bought are some tiny bracelets, hairbands with a bow and a bandshirt I have to wash a lot to give it that vintage washed look. Can't wait to combine it with shorts, a leather jacket and over the knee socks :) !

Some details from my outfit that day. The weather was so shitty again we couldn't make decent outfit pictures. I was wearing: H&M leopard scarf// H&M basic white shirt// Zara dark blue blazer// H&M neklace// Urban Outfitters red pants seen here// White Converse sneakers

Delicious pesto pasta from Foodmaker