Friday, 15 February 2013

New Look's new look

The old New Look store in Antwerp, let's not get there... Every time I walked in I almost ran out the store because of the horrible neon green lights. But that's all in the past now 'cause the store had a huge make-over! To celebrate that we were invited to a VIP shopping night where everyone got a 50% off. Sounds like music to every girl's ears so I headed to the store with my fellow bloggers Elfi, Liesbeth and Eline.

The store looks clean and tidy now and although I said I wouldn't buy a thing I came home with shoes, a blouse, a fluffy jumper and a necklace (a major thank you to Eline by the way 'cause she shared her voucher she won with me!). Since I almost never found a thing at New Look before, it looks like the new interior makes it's a lot more tempting to buy something over there from now on. That, and their awesome collection at the moment of course. I warned you!

Ps: Have you already joined my giveaways to win Essie nailpolish or a ring?


  1. ben heel benieuwd naar die fluffy sweater!

  2. Leuk! Ik was toevallig die dag ook in Antwerpen voor de lancering van Michael Kors. Helaas geen uitnodiging hiervoor want had ook wel even willen kijken en shoppen haha. Volgende x stop ik daar zeker even!

  3. Het was voor iedereen een vruchtbare avond denk ik ;-)
    Can't wait to see the outfits!


  4. Leuke foto's! Can't wait to see an outfit picture :)

  5. Die chaos vroeger schrok me ook echt af, het is er inderdaad veel aangenamer winkelen nu!


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