Saturday, 2 February 2013

Diary #13

New month means new diary! January wasn't the best month for me when it comes down to my health but I had fun nonetheless! Hannes and I celebrated our 2 years together, I found some new shoes (yes, again), ended my internship at Oona and started with a new one. I had to go to Amsterdam for my new internship where we also had the time for some shopping (oh the horror ;-)) I will show you soon what I bought. I hope February will as good to me as January was!

What you're looking at/ The best card ever I got from Hannes for our 2 year anniversary/ His and her New Balance sneakers/ White Chocolate milk/ Sick on the couch/ Last day of my internship at Oona = candy and cake/ Bought myself a little gift/ My mom her self made tiramisu/ Essie Licorice nailpolish/ Ill again but these socks made my day a little better/ True that/ The boy made this delicious chocolate-caramel-nut pie/ Outfit of the day/ New awesome brooch I got from TRAE/ Last sales buy/ The hard knock life of an intern, Amsterdam with Hema

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  1. Such a lovely photos!

  2. Ooh hoop dat het nu beter gaat met u gezondheid! Happy 2 years samen zijn ;) En woow je internships klinken zo leuk! I pugging love that card and pugs!! :p

  3. pugging love you, too cute! :)

  4. Die kousen zijn super super leuk! En proficiat met het 2 jarig samen zijn! :)


  5. Nice post!


  6. Leuke foto's as usual! Ben al benieuwd naar je koopjes uit Amsterdam! EN... dikke liefde voor witte chocolademelk, dat bestel ik ALTIJD als dat op de kaart staat maar die van OR is nog altijd de beste :-D



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