Saturday, 23 February 2013

If winter ends

What I'm wearing/ Zara jumper (similar here), Urban Outfitters jeans, COS coat, Choies boots, H&M beanie, Simple Comme Bonjour ring (which you can win here!), Danielle Foster bag

Are these cold days over yet? I'm sorry for complaining about the weather all the time but I'm so done wearing my warm coats and scarves. There are so much pretty spring clothes that can't wait to go outside! For this outfit I chose my beloved COS coat, a pretty jumper from Zara that I will show you in detail soon and my new boots from Choies I talked about here. A casual outfit but it was perfect for a relaxing afternoon at Puur A, but more about later ;-). I'm off for another relaxing day with my boyfriend now which consists of shopping, eating and a sauna this evening. Enjoy your day!


  1. pretty ;)

  2. Wauw die boots zijn echt zo geweldig!

  3. Ik ben de winter ook echt zo beu.. Maar met die laarsjes van jou zou ik het precies toch al wat minder erg vinden, haha! ;)

  4. wow, heel mooie outfit! & know the feeling.. na nieuwjaar heb ik altijd al genoeg van de winter!
    xo Charlotte - aliceroxy

  5. GORGEOUS coat! Ik ben ook klaar met de winter maar ik probeer er niet over na te denken :-) misschien nog 1 mooi winterstuk kopen om mij door die laatste wintermaand te sleuren? :-D



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