Sunday, 2 September 2012

Levi's curve ID fitting

I love wearing denim trousers and I own at lot of them but none of them seems to fit perfectly. You can imagine I was super excited when I got an invite to find the perfect fitting jeans at the Levi's store in Antwerp.

Last Thursday me and Hannes headed over to store in the Kammenstraat. The nice thing about that store is they sell the entire Levi's collection and there was an awesome tattooed lady customizing denim! That's right, when you buy a jeans or a denim jacket in the store, you can get it customized for free. Pretty cool huh? After exploring the store a little, a staffmember took care of me. He measured the difference between my waist and the widest point of my hips and concluded I'm a demi curve. You also have a slight curve and a bold curve but I tried those on and they just didn't work for my body and they didn't feel comfy at all. After trying on some models of the demi curve I finally got my perfect fitting jeans! I chose a dark blue skinny which you will see soon on the blog of course ;-) If you want a comfy jeans yourself, don't hesite to go to a Levi's store. The super friendly staff will be glad to help you find your perfect fit. Now excuse me while I check out my butt one last time 'cause yes, that's one of the benefits of wearing the perfect fitting jeans, your butt looks fabulous! Isn't that what we all want after all ladies? Enjoy your Sunday!


  1. Leuk, ik wil altijd ook nog graag zo'n broek!

  2. that sounds great I find it so hard to get jeans that fit xx


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