Thursday, 13 September 2012

Essentiel accessories

It all started with a very mysterious invitation. Just a place and a key, nothing more. So I went super curious to the new accessory store of Essentiel in Antwerp.

And I have to admit it, the store is AMAZING. The store is divided in two, one part for the accessories, the other one for clothes which is very handy 'cause that way you can pick a matching handbag for your brand new outfit right away ;-) After a quick tour in the store, overwhelmed by a lot of colours, prints, studs and sequins, I already had a few things on my wishlist (read: the leopard jumper, the black printed clutch, the studded sneakers and the snakeskin bag). With the key we could try to open a few boxes with a nice surprise in it. Unfortunately luck wasn't on my side but I had a fun night anyway! If you want to take a look yourself in the store, head over to Essentiel Accessories Store, Lombardenvest 39, 2000 Antwerpen. I'm pretty sure you won't leave empty handed!


  1. Looks awesome, brunch of colors. Australia is heading into summer=)

  2. WOW looks great!
    cute invitation


  3. Oh Essentiel! Jammer dat het zo boven mijn budget is, echt een fijn merk.

  4. Super gaaf! en wat een toffe uitnodiging.

  5. What a chance you have got!! ENJOY AND THANKS FOR SHARING

  6. Mooie items, die laatste foto trekt mij echt aan, want to go and see for myself! <3

  7. What a creative way to introduce influential people like bloggers etc to your new store! How fun and mysterious. THe merchandise looks very cool too. Thanks for sharing this with us!


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