Monday, 8 October 2012


When I was a little girl I already wore them. White palladiums with red lights in the sole. I know, coolest kid in town ;-) The brand was off my radar for years and years but I rediscovered it again thanks to Oona.

I was invited to a secret location to take a look at the new collection and I was very surprised and satisfied. We went on a little adventure and discovered shoes everywhere. Cool prints, pretty colours and I even spotted some tie dye pairs. I immediately wished I could take a few with me (lucky me, we actually could take a pair home, more about them soon!). I think this brand is ready to take over the world again. And if even Pharrell wears them, they are super cool right?!


  1. I am curious which pair of shoes you picked :)


  2. Cool! I'd go for the army printed ones anytime!


  3. Ik ben ook al eventjes weer fan :) Ideaal voor naar festivals ook...

  4. Ik ben ook benieuwd welke je uitgekozen hebt!


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