Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Garnier BB cream

When I wrote my first beauty related post a few of you said they would like to see more beauty on the blog. So today I'm gonna show you one of my makeup essentiels. Let me point out first I'm not a beauty expert at all but I can write about my experience right?

I carry this BB cream from Garnier everywhere with me. I've always used the left one (SPF 15) but there's a new one and I wanted to try this one out as well (right one with SPF 20). Although I have to admit I'm still using the first one the most. For my skin it seems like this one just works better (but I have a dry skin). When I use it I have a pretty 'glow' on my face and it's enough to cover up some little imperfections. I you have more of an oily skin and red spots or little zits the new one is better 'cause it covers up more but it looks still very natural, which I like. This one is also more liquid so the product feels very 'light' on your face. You have to use more of it but the price (€ 9,90) definitely makes up for that. Did you already tried out the products from Garnier? And what do you think of them? Any favorites?


  1. I love the bb cream of Garnier, use it everyday! The new one is my favorite,
    it's better for my skin because I have more an oily skin.. Well not that oily,
    but my skin isn't dry it's just in the middle haha. The other one just gives me a big glow that I don't like :) Great post. X

  2. I love the second one, with SPF 20. As you said, it covers more but it is very light. That's what I need.

  3. Dus het is wel wat. Ik weet het niet, bb, het lijkt me mwa. Wel leuk zo'n review van je!

  4. I'm still using the old one too, I follow your logic, I have dry skin too.
    Nice to see other people love this BB cream too!



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