Friday, 11 May 2012

Inspiration #2

The inspiration for today: Leather jackets!
Since I'm into all kinds of leather goods these days (the boyfriend isn't sure yet if he likes that fact or not :p) I'm still looking for the perfect (real) leather jacket. But everytime I find one it seems something's wrong. Not the right shape, too short or too long, or -not unimportant since I'm still just a poor student- the price. So my quest continues... If anyone has any tips or help, feel free to leave them in the commentbox below or just send me an email! Thanks in advance babes! This weekend it will be rather quiet on the blog because I have an important deadline on Tuesday. Of course you can follow me on Twitter or Facebook to see what I'm up to these days :) Goodnight everyone!

*pictures from Pinterest


  1. Ik weet wat je wil zeggen. Het is zo moeilijk om een lederen jasje te vinden dat volledig je ding is. Ik ben al jaren fan van de lederen jasjes van Balenciaga maar die zijn vrij onbetaalbaar! :)



  2. Saw a perfect one at Zara today, real leather, a bit "rough", slim fit, and some nice details. Thinking about buying it myself. You should stop by and have a look. The price wasn't to bad either - for a piece like that. xx

  3. those jackets are all very pretty :) i have also been on the hunt for the perfect leather jacket,and i found one at zara,it's not real leather but i was happy that i found a good fitting one :) good luck to you,hope you find yours soon :)


  4. Ik ben ook op zoek!
    Had er wel een leuk gepast in de Mango
    Maar tis moeilijk! :)

  5. Inderdaad zo moeilijk te vinden! Good luck! Het vestje op de eerste foto vind ik wel supermooi! :-) x


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