Thursday, 10 January 2013

Lush lipscrub

Small jar but very effective. I love this lipscrub I got from my sister as a Christmas present. In winter I always have these super dry lips and a lipscrub is a must-have in my handbag right now. Just plunge the tip of your finger in the pink lump, rub it over your lips and you're done. That it smells and tastes DELICIOUS (omg candy!) makes the lipscrub even better in my eyes. Fan right here! It was the first time I tried out a product from Lush and I'm pretty sure there are much more to follow. Are you a fan?


  1. Definitely a lush fan here! Never tried the lip scrub though... might just have to get it! ;)

  2. Ik heb 'm ook en ben er heel tevreden van! Je hebt dezelfde geur in douchegel trouwens (Snow Fairy) :)

  3. This is definitely one of my fav Lush products! I'm a big fan and I've been on a little Lush bender lately so I'm discovering plenty of Lush stuff :-D
    I'm sure you'll find lots more treasures in the Lush cove!


  4. Mmm, ook een van mijn favorietjes!

  5. Dat ziet er zelfs lekker uit haha

  6. ooh! my lips have been more chapped than usual this winter, I need to find a lipscrub! Looks fab. I love lush!


  7. Mmm yummie, it looks so cute! xx


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