Thursday, 17 January 2013

Diary #12

We're halfway January already but I totally forgot to post a diary of December. I blame it on the holidays, overload of food, presents and cosiness. It surely was a month with a lot of fun things! Wanna see what I'm up to this month? Follow onhighheels_ on Instagram!

What you're looking at/ Got this sweets from Sinterklaas, 'cause I've been a good girl this year/ Our Christmas tree at home/ Breakfast at the blog works/ Best lunch ever, also at the blog works/ Part of my dad's birthday dinner/ Some serious me-time/ View from our home in Ghent/ My secrid wallet/ Coffee time/ School project/ Shopping with my mom at COS/ New ring from Fashionology/ Christmas eve/ Christmas presents/ New iPhone cover


  1. Beautiful photos!!

  2. Leuke diary! Je hoesje is super schattig.

  3. Leuke foto's! Dat iPhone hoesje is inderdaad super schattig :D

  4. leuke foto's! die ring is geweldig!


  5. Coole iPhonecover, dat mogen ze ook eens voor Blackberry gaan maken :)!
    Sabrina, x.


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