Saturday, 15 December 2012

December inspiration and a little apology

Today it's time again for a little inspiration! It's freezing cold outside and I'm craving for everything fluffy, furry and soft. I think these pictures perfectly sum up what I would love to wear right now.

Also a little apology for you guys. I'm being not the best blogger ever lately but deadlines are here again, both for me and my boy so shooting outfits is very hard right now. That the boy is injured (he overturned his ankle last week and he can't walk without crutches) is making it even more impossible to take decent pictures. BUT! We will be back soon! We're working on a little something fresh and new so stay tuned, better times are definitely coming.

* Pictures from pinterest


  1. Nice post!


  2. Veel succes met de deadlines! En ik ben benieuwd naar dat 'something fresh and new' ;)

  3. love the inspirations!

  4. die eerste en die vierde, zo perfect!
    en hee, je vriendje zit bij mij in Duits! :D
    xo Charlotte - Aliceroxy

  5. Oh wat een leuke outfit, die laatste, wil ik ook meteen dragen hoor :-)
    En ben al benieuwd, veel beterschap voor de boy en veel succes met de deadlines!


  6. Maybe do a room tour? :) I'd love to see it! Your blog and style is totally amazing

  7. Super gave outifts, die wide pants! wow.


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