Monday, 31 December 2012

2012 recap

And another year passed by. Is it me or does it really feel like the years pass by faster and faster?! It was an amazing year for me (although there were some serious downs too), thanks to my boyfriend, family and friends and of course this blog. I did so many fun things, met a lot of nice people and I can't wait to continue in 2013.

So with this new year that is almost here it's time for a huge recap. Let's talk about the outfits first. So cool to see how much my style changed and how I finally found the guts to cut my hair a lot shorter. Drama at first but now I'm annoyed when my hair gets a few centimeters too long ;-)

Second: my best buys of the year. A lot of shoes, a good basic bag (that will get some company very soon) and some clothes.
* My denim jacket from Iro was one of them. Fell in love the first moment I saw it at my internship. Bought it.
* The bag from Danielle Foster was found on my arm several times this year and it still looks amazing. Love it.
* That perfect leather jacket? Check!
* My beloved Isabel Marant sneakers are my lifesavers when I don't know what to wear.
* The sweater from Leon & Harper was also a perfect buy. I love the bright colour and the tigerprint.
* My New Balance sneakers. Hated the trend at first but fell totally in love when I saw these in burgundy. And they walk like heaven.
* My superwarm and cosy coat from Iro was a really impulsive and to be honest way too expensive buy but this is my favourite coat that helps me through the coldest days.
* Last but not least: Two treasures I found. Isabel Marant booties and Chanel loafers. Both for a ridiculous good price. These made my year I guess ;-)

The last one: some (beauty)items I discovered this year.
* First the Deauty box. I love the concept and I'm pretty sure some more boxes will follow next year.
* Next in line is the Bandhu necklace. I knew Bandhu before but the brand never fails to amaze me. This necklace is one of my favourites of this year.
* The scents from Corine de Farme. Love them!
* The BB creams from Garnier. Saves my life every. single. morning.
* The lipsticks from Rimmel in the perfect colours. Seems that my quest for the perfect ones is finally over.
* Recently discovered: The Secrid wallet. Let me tell you: I'm already hooked.

So. This was it. A last overview of my year. Now it's time to get ready and have a blast tonight! I wish you all an amazing year with loads of love, good times and everything you wish for. And I hope to see you next year too of course. Love, E.


  1. Leuke foto's, blij dat ik op je blog terecht gekomen ben ;-)

  2. Supertof overzicht en oh, die aankopen, love them! Hopelijk wat vaker meeten in 2013 en maak er een topjaar van!

    Happy 2013 :-)


  3. wat een leuke dingen!! blij dat ik je blog heb gevonden ;)


  4. Die foto met burgundy pants en muntgroene trui met die groene glas-achtergrond bedoelde ik dus ;)
    Allemaal heel mooi en goede foto's eigenlijk!


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