Saturday, 21 July 2012

AFW day 2

After a short night we got ready for our second and last (sad face) day in Amsterdam.

We started the day with a delightful breakfast and did some sightseeing and shopping in the city again. I bought new stuff at COS which I'll show you later of course! In the afternoon we enjoyed the sun and found a little place called 'Koel' where we ate delicious frozen yoghurt (but I'll tell you more about that later!). Time flew by and before we knew we were on our way back home. Oh I already miss it like crazy. Amsterdam, we will surely meet again soon...

PS:  These are the last days to enter my neon necklace giveaway so be quick before it's too late!


  1. Lovely photos/ details :)

  2. Hihi, die kaaskelder heb ik ook bezocht vorig jaar :-D

    Vind de riem heeeeel mooi en dat bloesje heb ik ook, al veel geniet van gehad!


  3. Never been there, but surely must visit one day. Seems like you've had a great time! and hello arm candy, especially that bracelet ... xx

  4. Leuke foto's! Amsterdam is zo'n leuke stad hé! K ga in september een paar daagjes.. :)

    Isaline xx


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