Sunday, 3 June 2012

Diary #5

I'm such a bad blogger lately... But this (school)madness is going to end in 16 days! I can't wait to do fun stuff again with Hannes (sorry for also neglecting you babe) and my friends. Good times are coming! For now I leave you with this diary from the past weeks. Oh, and fingers crossed for me tomorrow, important exam coming up!

What you're looking at/ New shirt I got from my mom/ My new bag that finally arrived after a lot of drama/ Pasta that Hannes made for us/ Fresh fruit juice/ Part of my outfit/ Louis Vuitton shopping window in London/ Pink duck at the Yapado party/ My favourite watch/ Cupcakes to say goodbye to all the wonderful people at my internship/ Display I made for school for the perfume 'Lola' by Marc Jacobs/ Healthy study break/ My new oversized clutch from sheinside worn here/ Home made lasagna/ This is what I'm up to 'till june 19/ Toasts that are perfect for this sunny weather we got last week


  1. Veel succes met je examen morgen!

  2. Leuke foto's ;) Veel succes met de examens!

  3. Waar heb je die blouse van? Zara? Zoooo mooi!!! xx

  4. Good luck!!!!!
    Great Pics!
    Have a great Sunday!

  5. nice pics!the leopard clutch is gorgeous!

    sophie xx

  6. Jolies photos!!! J'adore le petit sac leopard!!!

    Angela Donava


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