Sunday, 24 April 2011

Happy easter!

Today was such a lovely day. Because it's easter, we went to my grandmother and I was wearing this dress. I love the color and it's very light for a hot day like this. When we were there they gave me a lot of compliments about it so I want to share my outfit with you.
H&M dress// H&M shoes// Friis & Company bag// Catrice 'meet me at coral island' nailpolish


  1. heel leuk jurkje! je zou niet denken dat die "gewoon" van de H&M is :)

  2. Dit is de eerste keer dat ik iemand zie met hetzelfde H&M kleedje als ik heb!! Ik vind het een heel leuk kleedje! Anders had ik ht nooit gekocht!!


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