Thursday, 28 April 2011

Colors brighten my day

Because the weather in Belgium is horrible again and I was in a bad mood this morning I decided to wear my bright red pants today with a basic black and white striped shirt. To finish the look I put my red lipstick from Urban Outfitters on and I immediately felt a lot better. (I'm sorry for the crappy pictures but the weather is soooo dark...) I also cleaned up my shoe collection (which I maybe show you tomorrow). With a heavy heart I threw away all my torn shoes (hello new babies!) and I reorganized my macbook because I still have nothing else to do (blame it on the weather! And ok, the fact I still don't go to school). What have you guys been doing today?
Zara red pants// H&M black/white striped shirt// Urban outfitters white watch// H&M black shoes// Vintage earrings// Urban outfitters red lipstick// Catrice 'Meet me at coral island' nailpolish


  1. Mooie foto's! Vind dat rood echt leuk, ook op je lippen!

  2. Echt goeie foto's! En een toffe broek :)


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