Wednesday, 9 March 2011


Monday I went shopping with my 'little' sister. But because of work I didn't had the time to show you what I bought. Although I said I wouldn't buy much I came home with one dress, black skinny pants, a black sweater, a brown belt, new shoes, a black leather jacket, dark blue nailpolish and a cute top. Girls will be girls right? Today I finally had the time to take some pictures to show you what my clothes look like :)

1: The dress! My mom doesn't like it but I love it!
2: Fake leather jacket
3: Black oversized sweater
4: New shoes
5: Dark blue nailpolish
6: Brown belt from H&M
7: My black skinny pants, they're not that special just simple black pants wich I love with my jeans jacket.
8: Top from Zara with a bow in my neck

Please summer, hurry up!


  1. You've got a lovely blog! :] Nice haul! :] love the denim jacket! Always a classic!

  2. Thank you, that's so sweet! You have a lovely blog too! x


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